City Map

Latrobe is a city that is a part of the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. Pittsburgh is known for its historical and cultural heritage; therefore, lots of places are dedicated to that. Among the sites worth visiting while being there, the one may find:

The Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts is a concert hall that hosts about 200 events each year. Its capacity reaches 2.676 places. That place was constructed in 1927 with the investment from Marcus Loew, who also encouraged the Rapp & Rapp architect company to design the interior for that event hall.

The National Negro Opera Company building might be an exciting place to visit as well. That is the first Afro-American opera company that was founded back in 1941. Mary Cardwell Dawson organized the company. A three-story Queen Anne-style house at 7101 Apple Street in Pittsburgh was the principal office of the company until it was disbanded. It was built as a private residence, however, was then purchased by William A. "Woogie" Harris. The NNOC was dismissed after the death of its leader - Mary Cardwell Dawson - in 1962.

The Quantum Theatre was founded in 1990 by Karla Boos and is now presenting experimental shows and non-traditional performances. The theatre is known for staging classical plays, as well as for adapting some famous literary works in an unordinary manner. The theatre also holds masterclasses and lectures for those who wish to understand the play of a piece of literature more deeply.

The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre is an outstanding spot in the city. It was founded in 1969 when Nicolas Petrov and Loti Falk decided that the ballet would enrich the cultural community's needs and satisfy a thirst for aesthetic pleasure. Later, in 1970-71, the theater presented the first season at Syria Mosque. In 1979, the acting school was opened under the theatre's name. Nowadays, the theatre has obtained international acknowledgment and respect. The company is regarded as the fifth largest arts organization of Pittsburgh.

The Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is the botanical garden located on Pittsburgh. It was founded in 1893 with the help of steel and real-estate magnate Henry Phipps. The garden now has an outstanding collection of greenery and exotic plants. That place has a silver-level LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environment Design certification, thus, it is also considered one of the ‘greenest' facilities in the world.

Andy Warhol Museum is the place worth visiting once in Pittsburgh. Andy Warhol was the icon of the pop art flow. The museum was opened in October 1989, which is 2.5 years after Andy Warhol's death. That is now a seven-floor facility dedicated to the work of that painter only. The museum holds 900 paintings spread through 17 galleries, 1000 unique prints, 77 sculptures, 4000 photographs, and about 4350 videotapes and films of the artist. The museum had also sponsored 56 traveling exhibitions that allowed to attract about 9.000.000 of visitors in 1996.