The Pittsburgh Light Railway or The - T has been operating since 1984. That is a 42.2-kilometers railway serving Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the railway transforms to the subway in Downtown Pittsburgh. The Port Authority of Allegheny County manages the system.

There are only three lines currently operating:

The Red Line runs between South Hills Village and Downtown Pittsburgh passing the Beechview village. There are six stops, that spread across the Upper St. Clair and Bethel Park until the Red Line merges with the Blue Line at Washington Junction. After coming to the Pittsburgh city limits, there is a chain of closely spaced stations through Beechview, as the bus services are limited there because of the hilly terrain.

The Blue Line-Library takes place at the Allegheny County line in the Library neighborhood of South Park. There are fifteen stations located across Library, Bethel Park, and South Park before its merge with the Blue Line - South Hills Village at Washington Junction. There a timed transfer will carry passengers to Overbrook and Downtown. Afterward, the eight firmly placed stations are located across the Overbrook, Brookline, Carrick, Beltzhoover, and Bon Air neighborhoods. After the Mt. Washington Transit Tunnel, where the Blue Line merges with the Red Line, there are only several stations of that line left: First Avenue, Steel Plaza, Station Square, and Wood Street.

The Blue Line - South Hills Village was initially built to help to relieve congestion on the Red Line. That Blue Line follows the path of the Red Line at the South Hills Village leg and the prevailing direction from Washington Junction to Willow Station. Then the South Hills Village follow the Blue Library line to South Hills Junction, where it merges with the Red Line.

There are approximately 54 railway stations in a total sum. Those include Allegheny, Arlington, Beagle, Belasco, Bethel Village, Boggs, Bon Air, Casswell, Castle Shannon, Dawn, Denise, Dorchester, Dormont Junction, Fallowfield, First Avenue, Gateway, Hampshire, Highland, Hillcrest, Killarney, King's School, Library, Logan, Lytle, Memorial Hall, Mesta, McNeilly, Munroe, Mt. Lebanon, North Side, Overbrook Junction, Palm Garden, Pennant, Poplar, Potomac, St. Anne's, Sandy Creek, Sarah, Shiras, Smith Road, South Bank, South Hills Junction, South Hills Village, South Park, Station Square, Steel Plaza, Stevenson, Washington Junction, West Library, Westfield, Willow, Wood Street.

The Railway is operating from 05:00 until 00:00. The base fare for a one-time pass is $2.50. As the area covered by the railway is divided into two regions, the fare for transferring between them is $3.75. If the passengers need to transfer the line, s/he shall pay an additional $2.50. The Connect Card might be purchased for $1.00, and the one may recharge it when needed.

Children under six years and senior citizens over 65 years may travel free of charge. The disabled passengers and the holders of the Medicare card shall pay only $1.35 for the pass. With the Connect Card, the fee for transferring between the areas is $1.25 and $0.50 for moving between the lines.